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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Planning
An emergency may be an earthquake, major winter storm, a hazardous materials spill, or even a man-made disaster. Any of these could be severe enough to close stores, gas stations, businesses, and restaurants for days. There could be little to no warning for you to prepare when the event hits our community.

By taking some simple steps today, you and your family can be ready when an event hits. Our disaster preparedness section has important information designed to help you prepare for those disasters.

Focus of Emergency Planning
The most important part of family planning is to implement a means for your family to be self-reliant for several days without going to the store or gas station, without using any water from faucets or electricity from outlets, and possibly not living within a home that may be damaged beyond repair.

    We have put together some suggested ways to build a kit that will help you and your family (and your pets)  be prepared in the event of a disaster.      
 Disaster Prep

Community / Neighborhood Teams
In many communities, the city or fire department offer training and coordination helping your neighborhood to work together during a major emergency. Some examples are Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) or Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET). These teams help by using the strengths of those in your immediate neighborhood, working together and helping each other until local emergency responders can help.

South King Fire and Rescue partners with both the City of Federal Way and the City of Des Moines to offer neighborhood emergency training.