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Fire Extinguisher Checks
South King Fire & Rescue does not service fire extinguishers. Please look in the yellow pages under fire extinguishers for the service provider closest to your home.

Checking Your Fire Extinguisher
To determine if your extinguisher needs servicing, simply check the following areas:
  • Check the pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher. The arrow should be in the green area straight up on the gauge. If it is not, the extinguisher should be serviced.
  • The handle-locking device should be in place. If it has been broken, your extinguisher may need to be serviced.
  • You cannot use fire extinguishers more than once without having them serviced. If yours has been partially used, it needs to be serviced.
  • If your extinguisher is over 12 years old, you should have it checked and serviced.
  • If any part of the extinguisher is cracked or broken, it should be checked or serviced.
  • If you have an ABC dry chemical type extinguishers (the most common type sold), twice a year tip the extinguisher upside down and gently tap the canister with a rubber mallet to loosen the dry chemical powder.